“As owners and operators of shopping centers, free standing retail facilities and multi-family residential properties, we need real estate attorneys with the knowledge, experience and business sense to help us complete our transactions favorably, expeditiously and cost efficiently.  For more than 20 years, we have relied on Warren Sacks and his team at Sacks & Imir LLP as our go-to counsel for this purpose.


Sacks & Imir LLP has represented our legal needs in everything from acquisitions and sales to leasing, financing and partnership agreements.  The common denominator has been their ability to guide us on issue of true importance – those  impacting the bottom line or creating risk.  They respond as quickly and creatively as circumstances dictate.  They don’t waste time running up fees when a fair and practical compromise would work, yet will counsel us to hold firm when another party is acting unreasonably in light of market convention or situational leverage.


We highly recommend Warren Sacks and the entire Sacks & Imir LLP team to anyone seeking knowledgeable and pragmatic real estate counsel who can expeditiously get to the finish line while maximizing position and minimizing legal risk.”

– Peter and Jim Kempner, Kempner Properties –

“In representing tenants as a national leasing broker, my role is to obtain the most favorable lease terms possible in the market and cause the landlord to deliver the space in time for our client to meet its desired occupancy date.   Time and again, Warren Sacks and his team have been instrumental in helping me achieve this goal for a valued health insurance company client.  Warren’s understanding of business terms and sensitivity to underlying dynamics enable him to work with landlords and their attorneys in a highly sophisticated and productive manner.  His extensive experience in representing both landlords and tenants enables him to quickly craft creative compromises on issues that benefit our tenant client yet are minimally palatable to the landlords.


Warren and his team recognize that coordination and responsiveness are critical in leasing in order to complete a deal in the required timeframe and not lose a space to another tenant.  Their ability to keep all parties focused without being sidetracked is unparalleled.  Not only do Warren and his firm turn lease comments quickly, but they clearly view brokers as their allies and teammates.  They continuously update us and draw on our knowledge, experience and relationships with landlords and their brokers to help resolve difficult issues. I have relationships with many lawyers; Warren and his team are among the very best.


I unequivocally give Sacks & Imir LLP my highest recommendation to tenants seeking savvy, creative and responsive attorneys to help complete their negotiations on the most favorable terms possible given the circumstances and timetable.  If I were a landlord I would also not hesitate to use Warren and his team on my most important transactions.”

– Stephen J. Riker, Vice Chairman, Cushman and Wakefield, Inc. –

“Sacks & Imir LLP is our legal counsel of choice for shopping center acquisitions and sales, from single properties to portfolios.  Warren Sacks and his firm have represented us in the purchase and sale of over 100 centers, having completed transactions with sellers and buyers running the gamut from the largest national institutional players to small family-owned businesses. Warren and his team’s grasp of the key underlying business fundamentals as well as legal issues place them a cut above other attorneys, allowing them to differentiate what is truly important and counsel us on when to stand firm and when to concede in light of transactional leverage, timing and market considerations. It is important to Cedar Realty Trust that we have a reputation in the industry not only for dealing in good faith but for being “a closer”; Sacks & Imir LLP time and time again has helped us achieve that by crafting creative and fair solutions to difficult issues and figuring out how to “get it done”.   I would want Sacks & Imir LLP on my side on any deal.”

– Michael Winters, EVP and Chief Investment Officer, Cedar Realty Trust 

“As Senior Vice President and Director of Global Workplace Strategy for WSP a Global Design Engineering Company, I am responsible for all of the real estate needs of the firm which consists of over 42,000 employees with more than 500 offices worldwide.  Sacks & Imir LLP is our lead outside real estate counsel for all of our U.S. transactions, and together with our Canadian counsel, spearheads the legal efforts on our Canadian leasing.

I have the utmost confidence in Warren Sacks and his firm.  Having negotiated literally hundreds of leases on behalf of our company as a tenant, subtenant and sometimes sub lessor, Warren understands what we will and won’t agree to on legal issues, he knows what commercially is acceptable to WSP and what is non-negotiable.  Moreover, Warren has a commanding facility of the business and construction issues of leasing, which he shares with his team.  This enables Warren and his team to converse directly with our national leasing brokers on market business terms and with our architects, engineers and construction manager on technical/construction issues in order to surmount obstacles and advance the transaction without involving me on every point.   The office leasing market nationwide has tightened considerably this past year; I know that Sacks Law’s  experience in also representing landlords, in “speaking their lingo” and in their familiarity with landlords’ threshold requirements helps us maximize what is achievable in a given transaction and close on the best deal for space.  I give Warren and his team my unequivocal highest endorsement.”

– Suzanne Puccino, Sr. Vice President and Director of Global Workplace Strategy, WSP –