Office, Medical & Industrial Leasing

Our attorneys represent landlords and tenants in the leasing of office, medical and industrial space across the United States, for spaces ranging from a single small office to multi-building transactions. We guide our clients from letter of intent to lease execution, focusing in particular on issues translating directly to the bottom line, such as rentable area/loss factors, operating expense and real estate tax escalations and utility expenses. Working with architects, engineers, project managers and brokers, we help our clients structure and navigate legal and business issues in the construction work letter process. Our experience in representing contractors as well as owners and tenants enables us to focus clients on key construction cost center issues, translating into savings and minimizing cost risk.

For almost 28 years we have represented an engineering firm in its growth from a local New York company of 3,000 employees to a worldwide powerhouse of 55,000 employees, completing leases for this tenant in every major office market in the nation. As the legal component of a team also consisting of real estate executives, leasing agents, architects, engineers and construction managers, we help guide projects from inception to completion through a coordinated multi-disciplinary process.

Our representation of many landlords in different markets enables us to counsel our tenant clients on the range of compromise positions which can be negotiated on all key issues. As an example, for smaller companies where one or two principals hold a major equity stake, we are able to suggest limitations on personal guarantees which both protect our clients’ principals yet are palatable to the landlords.

Representing medical office building owners and medical professionals, we have completed leases with or for hospitals and medical and dental practices of almost every conceivable variety, involving industry-specific issues such as those relating to medical equipment and privacy.

Although we focus our clients on risk, we understand that our role is that of a facilitator and problem solver. We are deal makers, not deal-breakers. We listen to our clients. We work cooperatively and respectfully with all parties to a transaction (and in particular with brokers whose specific market expertise and understanding of dynamics is often invaluable) in achieving lease execution on a timely and economical basis.